QuickBend: Conduit Bending App Reviews

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Super helpful

This app is very helpful especially if youre doing a lot of bends and doesnt have time to measure,calculate and write it down. I am recommending this app and a big thank you whoever made it.

Not up to par

No Concentric No Back to Back 90 No rolling offset Additional calc needed for distance

Foreman local 25

You hit this out of the park. Kudos to you. Suggest this app for anyone that bends pipe. Thanks

Awesome app.

Very useful. My only question is when doing offsets or 3 bend saddles or anything like that do you use the deduct mark or the center of whatever bend you are using?

Great Job!!!!

Multi bend is amazing. Accurate mathematical bending, no guess work. Just measure, mark the pipe and bend. Most accurate tool in the industry.


Now I, a weekend warrior, can tackle exposed wiring jobs in my home shop without fear and trepidation. No more wasteful off-cuts and couplings between each bend! And much faster running of conduit without all the math and head-scratching.

Great Simple Accurate

Loved this app. Highly recommend it for anyone who doesn’t regularly bend EMT.


I been in the trade 24yrs and have needed a tool like this hundreds of times. Congrats on taking all the thinking out of my job. My green helper can now bend pipe better then the old timers and I love it! Thanks again. You guys hit a home run with this app!

"Best App For Iphone So Far"

It is just very simple and practical to use. Great Job!!!

Missing rolled offsets

The app is great!! But I still have to switch back and forth for rolled offsets, if you can add this in the future it would be the best pipe bending out there


Quick easy to use and simple to understand best purchase so far


This app is great and unlike any of the others. All of the benders you can choose from have precise given measurements and almost completely takes knowing the formulas to a point of uselessness. Great job!

Awesome app

I use this app all the time and it's absolutely awesome

Not up to par

No Concentric No Back to Back 90 No rolling offset Additional calc needed for distance

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